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Patient Updates: How to get a covid booster and the test of the UK Emergency Alert

Two quick updates for patients with some timely information.

Covid Spring Boosters  

Booster vaccinations are being offered between April and June to people at high risk of getting seriously ill.

The following groups are eligible:

  • Aged 75 or older (or will turn 75 before the end of June)
  • Care home residents
  • Anyone aged 5 or above with a weakened immune system.

Booking your Booster

Please be aware that we are not doing covid jabs in the practice, nor can we book them for you.

To book, you can:

Test of UK Emergency Alert

At 3 pm on Sunday, 23rd March, there will be a test of the new UK emergency alert system.

The system is designed to warn people that there is a danger to life nearby, such as severe flooding, fires, or other extreme weather

All 4G and 5G internet-enabled devices will receive a test message saying:

This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will warn you if there’s a life-threatening emergency nearby.

In a real emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe.

Visit for more information.

This is a test. You do not need to take any action.

Your phone will also vibrate and sound a loud alarm for 10 seconds, regardless of your current settings.

Please remember that this is a test and you do not need to take any action.

Disabling the alert

Domestic violence charities such as Women’s Aid are concerned that the alert will be a potential safety risk for some people, particularly survivors of domestic abuse.

If you have a phone hidden from your abuser, you can stop the alert by following these steps:

For iPhone:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Notifications
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Disable Extreme Alerts and Severe Alerts

For Android:

  • Open Settings
  • Search for Emergency Alerts
  • Select Emergency Alerts
  • Disable Emergency Alerts and Test Alerts