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Sleepstation: Free NHS Support for Patients with Insomnia

Sleepstation is a clinically proven sleep improvement programme that can benefit people with even severe insomnia. It is currently available for free for our patients.

What Sleepstation does

The aim is to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, lifting people’s mood and improving their general wellbeing.

There is no medication or equipment – it’s simply an online course where experts give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to control your sleep.

Following an initial assessment of your own individual needs, a tailored plan will be created to help you overcome sleep problems for good. Most people who follow their Sleepstation programme sleep better after three or four sessions.

Who it can help

The programme is designed specifically for people with insomnia. It uses a clinically proven form of cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi).

It also produces long-lasting effects for most people.

Sandra 44, Cafe owner from Leeds Since finishing Sleepstation my head’s back in the game! I feel normal again and I’ve got a dog. I’d always wanted a dog but until now I’d never had the motivation and energy to get one.  Read Sandra’s story has lots of personal stories of people who have benefited from the course.

No waiting times and self-referrals

Sleepstation is free for 6 months for patients at Gosforth Memorial Medical Centre, and all other practices in North Gosforth and Jesmond Lower Gosforthpartner-pcnGosforth Primary Care Networks.

You can self-refer through, so there is no need to see a GP first, and there are no waiting lists.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Visits
  • Click ‘Check NHS availability’
  • Start typing Gosforth Memorial Medical Centre into the search box
  • Click ‘Check availability’
  • You’ll see Sleepstation is available on the NHS in your area
  • Enter your name and email address to sign up

Find out more

If you want to know more about how Sleepstation works, the evidence behind the programme, and read first-hand patient perspectives, you can explore