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A Day in the Life

More than 900 people work in GP practices across the city, looking after 300,000 of us.

This summer, Newcastle GP Services (NGPS) and filmmaker Danielle Giddins of Glow Create followed six staff members to see what a typical day was like for them.

From east to west across the city, the short films follow 2 GPs – including Brunton Park GP and our PCN Clinical Director Dr Sarah Rae – a Receptionist, Operations Manager and two Practice Nurses

This is their day.

Meet Sarah

Being a GP is a privilege. It is indescribably rewarding to look after people for long periods of their life, through childhood, pregnancies, illness and ultimately death. It is these long-standing relationships, for me, which make the job so rewarding. We see people at their most vulnerable, support people with multiple long-term diseases and help people navigate an increasingly complex NHS.”

Meet Becky

“I left school with very little direction and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but my Nana got poorly, and I spent some time caring for her – from that day on I decided that I would be a nurse in her memory. I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t change anything about it. I feel proud to work for the NHS.”   

Meet Tiffany

“We have an extremely diverse patient population, but I’ve found that you can always find something to relate to in everyone. You can always find that human connection, and I find that so lovely, and so humbling. I love this job. It’s challenging, but I’m a problem solver, so I absolutely love when I manage to overcome something on behalf of a patient.”  

Meet Sue

“We get absolutely everything in these clinics. Ears to smears I like to say! But it really is head to toe, birth to death.”

Meet Rachel

“The thing I love most is continuity of care. I get to know patients and their families, get to know their lives, and I also get to know challenges of the local area and the community. So many people need an advocate as well as healthcare, and if I can be that person then I will be.

Meet Lisa

“People look at their surgery as an important place in the community. One thing that’s constant is your doctor’s surgery, and we don’t just deal with people being poorly, we sort out food vouchers, help with benefits. I’m proud to work in the NHS, and proud to work at St Anthony’s.”