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The Healthier Together App: Support, Advice and Reassurance for Parents

The Healthier Together App gives parents and guardians help, advice and reassurance when worried about their child.

The app and website have been developed specifically for the North East, and provide clear, reliable advice from trusted NHS sources.

How it works

Here’s how it works and can help if your little one is unwell.

Healthier Together uses a simple traffic light system. First, you pick the condition that best describes your child’s symptoms.

Next, you’ll be given some information and asked to assess your child’s symptoms.

From here, you’ll see what is best to do, ranging from treating illnesses at home to seeing a GP or when you might need emergency help.

It’s straightforward, quick and easy to do.

Reassuring Parents

More than two-thirds of parents using the Healthier Together app find they can look after their child at home or get medication from a local pharmacy.

So, as well as giving vital, relevant, local information, Healthier Together can also be reassuring for parents and caregivers at times of stress and worry.

You can create profiles for each child in the Healthier Together app.

You can create a profile for as many children as you look after, with their name, age and which GP practice they are registered with. If the symptoms checker suggests you contact your practice, you can get in touch directly from the app.

Resources and Guides

As well as the traffic light symptom checker, there are also lots of helpful guides and resources to help you.

Popular topics will show right at the top of the page, currently offering advice on measles and high fevers and guidance on whether your child can go to school or nursery.

Below that, there are useful categories to help you get the information you need, whether it is about pregnancy, rashes, mental health or guides to how the NHS works.

Healthier Together is free to download and use, and your information is stored securely and never sold or shared.

Why not download it today so it’s there when you need it?