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askmyGP: How to register and choose your preferred site

If you would like a consultation or appointment with one of our Doctors, you need to send a request through askmyGP, our online system.

The first thing you need to do is register.

Here’s how to do it. Please note this is different to the NHS App or SystemOnline.

  1. Go to askmyGP
  2. Click Sign up as a new user
  3. Fill in your details. You must already be registered with us as a patient to sign up to use askmyGP.
  4. Create a password and click Next
  5. From the home screen, click or tap on Consult a Clinician
  6. The first time you start a consultation, you will be given a choice of preferred site. If you were originally registered with Gosforth Memorial, please select Gosforth as your preferred site.

Appointments for patients who choose Gosforth as their preferred site will be at Gosforth Memorial on Church Road.

Appointments for patients with Jesmond as their preferred site can take place at 17 or 200 Osborne Road, or 5 Osborne Avenue.