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Travel Risk Assessment

Travel Risk Assessment If you’re planning a trip abroad, you may need to think about whether you need any vaccinations. The first step is to check the Travel Health Pro website and look up your destination country. Please check there is enough time to get all of the vaccinations you need before you go. Some vaccines … Continued

Looking after your skin in hot weather

Looking after your skin in hot weather Whether exploring parts of Britain or travelling further afield, it is important to look after your skin when you are out in the sun.  Getting sunburn  When your skin is exposed to harmful UV light, an inflammatory reaction can turn your skin red and hot to the touch. … Continued

Keeping safe in hot weather

Keeping safe in hot weather Most of us look forward to the summer months and warmer weather, but when temperatures rise there are some risks we need to be aware of. Risks The main risks are dehydration and overheating, leading to possible heat stroke and sunburn. Older people, clinically vulnerable people, young children and babies, … Continued

Hay fever

Hay fever Hay fever can’t be cured or prevented, but some simple self-care tips or medication from a Pharmacist should be your first option. You should only ask to see a GP if other options haven’t worked. What is hay fever? Hay fever is a common allergic reaction. It’s caused by pollen from grass, trees … Continued