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Summer Health: Hay Fever

Summer Health: Hay Fever Has your hay fever been worse than usual this year? Or maybe you noticed that sneezing started that bit early? More than one in four people suffer from hay fever, three times the number 30 years ago. Four in five people with asthma suffer from hay fever, and it can be … Continued

Repeat Prescriptions: Don’t wait until it’s too late

Repeat Prescriptions: Don’t wait until it’s too late If you take regular medication, it’s vital to plan ahead and order your repeat prescriptions in good time. Taking daily medication is an important part of treatment, especially for people with long-term health conditions. People can become seriously ill quite quickly if they run out. Every year, … Continued

Think Pharmacy First

Think Pharmacy First Going to your local pharmacy offers an easy and convenient way to get clinical advice on minor health concerns. Now, community pharmacies can offer treatment for seven common conditions without patients needing to see a GP, as part of a major transformation in the way the NHS delivers care. Highly trained pharmacists … Continued

World Patient Safety Day, 17th September 2022: Medication Safety

World Patient Safety Day 2022: Medication Safety Every year on World Patient Safety Day, patients, clinicians, and all healthcare providers come together to commit to increasing patient safety. The simple aim is that no one should be caused harm by unsafe care. The theme for 2022 is Medication Safety. Medication without Harm According to the … Continued

Hay fever: How to ease your symptoms or get help

Hay fever: How to ease your symptoms or get help For most of us, the longer, lighter evenings and warmer weather usually are welcome changes as Spring turns into Summer. But for up to 1 in 4 of us, it brings the added complication of dealing with hay fever. While there is no cure for … Continued