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Friends and Family Update: 91% of Patients Recommend Us

In our latest batch of Friends and Family feedback, more than 91% of patients would recommend us.

Of the 764 responses we received, 699 patients said they would be likely or extremely likely to recommend us to those close to them.

This feedback covers the period from February to May, so represents the period before and after the merger.

What you told us

It’s been great to read some positive feedback from patients registered in Gosforth about the switch to askmyGP.

In particular, you told us you appreciated the efficiency and convenience of a digital-first system.

Our aim is to provide quick and easy access that gets you to the best person to help you the first time.

We did have a handful of comments from patients who felt their requests had been closed too early.

We, of course, take all feedback on board, but it is important to note that a key part of the speed and efficiency of askmyGP is keeping it to single issues rather than an ongoing dialogue.

The Friends and Family Test

The test asks people to rate their likelihood of recommending an NHS service to their friends and family based on their most recent experience.

You might receive a text message with a link to express your thoughts after your appointment, fill out a paper form in practice or wherever you have been seen, or complete the Friends and Family form on our website.

The test is used throughout the NHS to give a consistent indication of how patients view services.

Other ways to share your feedback

In addition to the Friends and Family test, there are other ways to share your thoughts about your experiences with us.